Culturally Sensitive Intervention in the Delivery of Health Care Professionals to Encounter Globalization Era Bandung | April 15-16

Ria Angelina
2015 unpublished
Pain is a warning to the peripheral nervous system as a result of injury to the body; whereas comfort of the status of human experience is described in a measure of comfort. Non-pharmacological management in reducing pain one of them with a cold compress. It is estimated that approximately 150 million children who are hospitalized at hospitals in the United States get an intravenous infusion actions. Children's response to the actions may cause invasive anxious, and fear as a reaction to
more » ... reaction to hospitalization. Implementation of cold pack has not been done by nurses in reducing hospitalization reaction child during invasive action, especially in Immanuel Bandung hospitals. Purpose study was to determine the influence of cold compresses to pain and comfort to children who experience intravenous infusion applying. Design of research was non-equivalent control group after-only design, which used samples of 60 children in the control group and intervention. Data collection used questionnaires and instrument FLACC daisy comfort. The results of the analysis were found that there is a significant effect of cold compress on pain (p value = 0.01) and on comfort p value = 0.01. This effect was controlled by confounding variables. It is recommended for nursing services to provide a cold compress intervention as a principle of atraumatic care through the implementation of standard procedures on invasive intervention to children.