The Disappearance of Male Secondary Sexual Characteristics in the Typical Cave Species in Triplophysa

Jun Liang, Jiang Zhou
2019 Transylvanian Review of Systematical and Ecological Research  
It was suggested that the darkness environment would influence the fishes' morphology, not only the barbells, snout, but also the male secondary sexual features. This paper reported that the three typical cave dwelling fish species of Triplophysa did not show these sexual morphological traits, such as Triplophysa lewangensis, Triplophysa nasobartula and Triplophysa zhenfengensis collected in Guizhou Province, meanwhile, there were not the description on the traits about the 11 typical cave
more » ... 1 typical cave dwelling species of this genus in Guangxi Province.
doi:10.2478/trser-2019-0005 fatcat:ofdhununcnds3osdtq4d3zt2vu