Structural, opto-electronic and photoelectrochemical properties of tungsten diselenide thin films

D. J. Sathe, P. A. Chate, P. P. Hankare, A. H. Manikshete, U. B. Sankpal, V. M. Bhuse
2015 Applied Nanoscience  
Nanocrystalline tungsten diselenide thin films have been deposited on non-conducting glass and stainless steel substrates by chemical methods. Various preparative conditions were optimized for the formation of thin films. The X-ray diffraction analysis shows that the film samples are in layer-hexagonal crystal structure. EDAX analysis shows that the films are nearly stoichiometries of W:Se. Optical properties show a direct band gap nature with band gap energy 1.5 eV. Specific electrical
more » ... electrical conductivity was found to be in the order of 10 -3 to 10 -2 (X cm) -1 . The photoelectrochemical characterization of the films was carried out by studying current-voltage characteristics, capacitance-voltage and power output characteristics. The efficiency of photoelectrode was found to be 1.31 % using iodine-poly iodide electrolyte.
doi:10.1007/s13204-014-0388-0 fatcat:a6xnhgj3wrb4tb352z2y4lrkky