Effect of Magnetic Water on Semen Evaluation and Some Hatchability Traits for Egyptian Developed Chickens

Hanan Hassan Ghanem, Amany Adel El-Sahn, Osama Mahmoud Aly, Hassan Abd-El-halim
2020 International Journal of Animal Science and Technology  
A total of 280 females with 28 males for Silver Sabahia strain at two different ages (35 and 50 weeks) were used in this study. Besides, 40 cocks (10 cocks / group) used for semen evaluation. Birds of each age were divided into two groups, the 1 st group drank water exposed to magnetic field (MFW) and the 2 nd group drank non-magnetic tap water (TW) to determine the beneficial effect of drinking magnetized water for aged chickens to cope low fertility% and hatchability%, besides studying semen
more » ... nd egg parameters, embryonic development and chick quality. Supplementation elder cocks with MFW significantly increased semen volume, number of motile sperm and number of live sperm compared with those for untreated cocks. Treated old flock with magnetic water had a heavier egg weight (p≤0.05) than treated young flock with magnetic water. MFW X old and MFW X young had a comparable influence on egg weight loss, embryonic mortality, fertility% and hatchability%. On day 14 and 18 of incubation, supplementation older birds with MFW water had a heavier residual yolk sac weight% compared with the other rest groups. At hatch, the residual yolk sac weight% was similar between MFW X old and MFW X young. In addition, chick weight and all internal organs weight% were not affected by interaction of both types of water and hens age. It is concluded that exposing water to magnetic field, have a stimulating influence on the percentages of fertility and hatchability of birds (especially older age) through improving semen and egg qualities, besides stimulating the development of embryogenesis.
doi:10.11648/j.ijast.20200404.13 fatcat:w6ljbzgs5bc5nmfmgeymmvsnhm