A nyíregyházi lakosok szubjektív egészségi állapota és annak változásai

2014 Acta Medicinae et Sociologica  
Quality of life related to health is one of the most important dimension and perhaps it is studied most frequently, which shows how health conditions contribute to the individual's well-being. The population may be marked as the primary aim of the surveys and with the help of this correction of the individual's health conditions, furthemore the reduction of the health inequalities is feasible. In our research we examine health conditions and quality of life of the population along with the
more » ... ment of the subjective health conditions. The research program is based on international and national samples, which follows the methodology of the so-called household panel. The essence of this method is that it collects information about urban households, secondly about the particular features of the household members. Its peculiarity is that it tries to reveal the changes on an identical population sample, with an identical questionnaire by the help of interviewer, who visit the same households at particular intervals. In the course of the analysis, we analyse the frequency values of the variables considered relevant by us, which are counted with single variable and binary mathematical-statistical methods (average, scattering, frequency distribution and two-sampled t-test, independence test (CHi-square test). In our study we present a part of the preliminary results of the examination of 2012 concerning subjective health conditions in the household panels of Nyíregyháza town. The establishment of the mortality indicators is generally the most favourable in the counties of the West Transdanubian region, while the North plain and the North
doi:10.19055/ams.2014.5/12-13/11 fatcat:r4afrzduxjanxo54encm7iz2pa