Bayesian Multi Scale Neural Network for Crowd Counting [article]

Abhinav Sagar
2022 arXiv   pre-print
Crowd Counting is a difficult but important problem in computer vision. Convolutional Neural Networks based on estimating the density map over the image has been highly successful in this domain. However dense crowd counting remains an open problem because of severe occlusion and perspective view in which people can be present at various sizes. In this work, we propose a new network which uses a ResNet based feature extractor, downsampling block which uses dilated convolutions and upsampling
more » ... ck using transposed convolutions. We present a novel aggregation module which makes our network robust to the perspective view problem. We present the optimization details, loss functions and the algorithm used in our work. On evaluating on ShanghaiTech, UCF-CC-50 and UCF-QNRF datasets using MSE and MAE as evaluation metrics, our network outperforms previous state of the art approaches while giving uncertainty estimates in a principled bayesian manner.
arXiv:2007.14245v3 fatcat:5u2shi2r3veehowasscp4vvdny