Morphology and Histology of the Female Reproductive System of Abedus ovatus Stal (Belostomatidae: Hemiptera: Insecta)

TG Lalitha, K Shyamasundari, K Hanumantha Rao
1997 Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz  
In Abedus ovatus Stal, the,female reproductive system consists of a pair of ovaries leading to oviduct and opens out by genital aperture. Each ovary is composed of,five telotrophic ovarioles, with ,four different regions, terminal ,filament, germarium, vitellarium und pedicel. Germarium and vitellarium are the germ tubes in which the development of oocyte occurs. In the germarium, the d{fferentiation of trophocytes into young oocytes was observed in three zones, Zt, Z" and Ztt,. Further
more » ... ent of oocytes in the vitellurium could be divided into seven stages, ST, -ST"tt. The developed eggs are lodged in the pedicel.
doi:10.1590/s0074-02761997000100028 fatcat:3xzbtuzi3rfw3iosczh4sy6xzm