Some examples comparing static and dynamic network approaches in water resources allocation models for the rivers of high instability of flows /

Włodzimierz Wojas, Sylwester Tyszewski
2013 Journal of Water and Land Development  
In this paper the authors compare two mathematical approaches to the problem of determination of optimal water resources allocation. We compare standard static approach based on static network flow model in pure or generalized network with the dynamic approach based on MDGNFM model presented in [WOJAS 2008]. This comparison is done in the framework of three worked examples of water system. We discuss the following aspects: a possibility to guarantee in the model the availability of the water
more » ... ity of the water which is allocated to user in analysed time period; the influence of a choice of the length of time step on the final result, a possibility to consider different summary times in water allocation paths. Comparative analysis can recommend the dynamic approach as more appropriate in the case of water systems of high instability of water flows.
doi:10.2478/jwld-2013-0003 fatcat:4nwo7nk2zrdh7h2pky7tnlvwyu