Electronic structure ofPbSe∕PbScore-shell quantum dots

A. C. Bartnik, F. W. Wise, A. Kigel, E. Lifshitz
2007 Physical Review B  
The electronic structure of PbSe/ PbS core-shell quantum dots ͑QDs͒ is calculated within a four-band envelope function formalism. The effective mass approximation used successfully to model PbS and PbSe core QDs is extended to include discontinuities in material parameters. The model shows that even though PbSe/ PbS is a type-II heterostructure, for typical quantum dot sizes type-II properties will not be observed. Instead, the wave functions are predicted to extend throughout both materials.
more » ... t both materials. Experimental results confirm the unique properties of these nanostructures.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.75.245424 fatcat:nzegzld2vnhjtnyb6j224p7heq