Kubbe-i Hadrâ'nın Karamanoğlu Döneminden Günümüze Değişen Çinileri

2020 İSTEM  
İ S T E M 36/2020 duced in Kütahya in 1949 and 1964 by the General Directorate of Ancient Arts and Museums. Presenttiles, produced in Kütahya in 1964, have been falling apart in recentyears. Deformation on the glazes of tiles has been detected during the examinations on the tiles. Ministry of Culture and Tourism has constituted a science committee of experts to renovate the tiles of The Mausoleum. After the meetings held in the area, science committee members decided to renovate the tiles.
more » ... ponse, architect Seyit Ahmet Biçer completed the relievo, restoration, and restitution drawings.
doi:10.31591/istem.833936 fatcat:vdt36vmw6zgdnkc42lirtmiigm