S Kalaiselvi, S Yoga
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
An application encompasses network modeling and simulation, recognition of privacy assaults, and formalization of research results. Indeed, existing techniques for network flow sanitization are vulnerable to different kinds of attacks, and solutions proposed for micro data anonymity cannot be directly applied to network traces. In our previous research, we proposed an obfuscation technique for network flows, providing formal confidentiality guarantees under realistic assumptions about the
more » ... ary's knowledge. Put forward an obfuscation technique that leads to confidential guarantee of IP address thus securing the sensitive data. In this paper, we identify the threats posed by the incremental release of network flows and by using SHA3 algorithm we formally prove the achieved confidentiality guarantees. For this operation, a fingerprint is created which is based on the configuration of the system. We group hosts based on the fingerprint and obfuscated address and secure the IP address during the release of incremental network flows. Then, the process of grouping is done using the generated signature. Group intimation is done and the set of IP addresses and signature are compared and the requested signature is send as response. All this processes occur with an intermediate router. Only, the obfuscated signature will be visible to the hacker.