Vehicle Theft Detection System based on GSM and GPS

Anmol Patil, Sohel Khalifa, Hanuman Hoge, Kazi, Anmol Patil, Sohel Khalifa, Hanuman Hoge, Kazi
2018 unpublished
In recent years, the condition of automotive vehicle stolen raises sharply especially the new cars and the cars with low anti-theft capacity. At present, there are three types of anti-theft equipments: steering wheel locked equipment; traditional electronic alarm and network tracking system. Net-intelligent auto guard system can close and open the door of the vehicle; start motor; achieve vehicle location and provide report of the vehicle condition. Net-intelligent auto guard system has
more » ... system has advantage over other systems. The system consists of the central control system installed in the command center; mobile GPS terminal installed in the vehicle and GSM network. Positioning information can be received from global positioning satellite. Latitude, longitude, speed and direction of moving target can be calculated and be transmitted with messaging platform of GSM network. 24 hour uninterrupted and high-precision monitoring on the vehicle can realize with the system.