Review: Silvana di Gregorio & Judith Davidson (2008). Qualitative Research Design for Software Users

Alice Mattoni
The employment of software packages to support different stages of research is increasingly common amongst qualitative scholars. The review addresses DI GREGORIO and DAVIDSON's book, one of the most recent published on this topic, paying particular attention to its first part. There, the authors propose and discuss some innovative aspects of computer-assisted qualitative data analysis, such as the emergence of the E-Project as a "genre" affecting the whole qualitative research design. The
more » ... h design. The review briefly presents the second and third part of the book, more pragmatically oriented to the actual use of software packages in qualitative research. The review ends with some critical remarks on the book, which remains an essential tool of learning and reflection for qualitative research scholars and students across different fields of research and inquiry. URN: urn:nbn:de:0114-fqs1002223
doi:10.17169/fqs-11.2.1459 fatcat:yjesuqb3ivbrpe7jydjgtkgxve