Preparation and characterization of proton conducting polymer electrolyte based on PVA, amino acid proline and NH 4 SCN

R Hemalatha, M Alagar, S Selvasekarapandian, B Sundaresan
International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Technology   unpublished
Polymer electrolytes are an important component of many electrochemical devices. In the present study, an attempt has been made to prepare the proton conducting polymer electrolytes based on poly vinyl alcohol doped with amino acid proline and different molar ratios of ammonium thiocyanatethat have been prepared by Solution Casting Technique using distilled water as solvent. The maximum conductivity has been found to be 1.1710-3 S/cm at ambient temperature for 75Mwt% PVA: 25Mwt% Proline: 0.5
more » ... lar mass percentage NH 4 SCN polymer membrane using AC impedance analyzer. The temperature-dependent conductivity of the polymer membrane obeys Arrhenius behavior. The highest ionic conductivity polymer electrolyte has low activation energy 0.08eV among the prepared polymer electrolytes. The dielectric spectra exhibit the low frequency dispersion due to space charge accumulation at the electrode-electrolyte interface.