Determinación de parámetros químico- físico de las tinturas al 20% obtenidas de las hojas, tallos y frutos de Melia azedarach L (Pursiana)

Aída de los Ángeles Bermejo de Zaa, Sonia Pereira Cabrera, Mirta Luisa Cintra Jorge, Galina Morales Torres
Revista Habanera de Ciencias Médicas  
the Pursiana (Melia azedarach L) is used by the population like medicinal plant for the treatment of rheumatism, as antiparasitary, antiseptic and antibacterial, among other uses. Objective: to evaluate of physical chemical parameters of the dyes to 20% of the parts of the plant in study. Material and methods: the dyes to 20% of the parts of the plant in study got ready for three methods: the extraction attended by ultrasound (EAUS), percolation and maceration, using as menses a hydroethanolic
more » ... olution. To these dyes they are carried out the photochemical screening and for the characterization the were applied described rehearsals in the Norma Brunch of the Ministry of Public Health. Results: he/she was proven the high diversity of secondary metabolites in the studied dyes. The indicators of quality were located inside the established ranges for vegetable drugs, it was demonstrated that the extraction attended by ultrasound is the ideal. Conclusions: the dyes to 20% of the leaves shaft and fruit of the Pursiana present diversity of secondary metabolites and the product is stable after 6 months in function of the obtained values of the indicators of quality.
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