Costume Color: The Representation of Bangladeshi Tradition and Cultural Revival

Liang Huie
2021 Journal of Textile Science & Fashion Technology  
Introduction Different cultures have their tradition and costume culture that represents a strong cultural existence from history to present by different cultural elements. Heritage frequently inspires contemporary fashion designers, yet they also make it modernize and reinvent traditional dress. From fashion history according to Stamper A. and Condra J [1], we can see how the human body has been dressed and decorated in every inferable way. The designer goes back to history for inspiration and
more » ... fashion is the image of the past [2]. The traditional color concept is the way of provoking to keep the cultural ideology with modern society. Fashion must be impressionable to the combination of colors, shapes, lines, motifs, and designs for every historical time of art and costume [3, 4] . At present, researchers have carried out in-depth research on patterns, functions, aesthetics, culture, and other aspects. They have only studied the surface color composition and a few regional color features in the field of "color", but not in the field of revealing the traditional color identification and protection. With the passage of time and the impact of the storage environment, the matrix material of the clothing collection in the archive is aging seriously [5] , and the original color of clothing has changed but can recognize the color concept through different cultural activities. Compared with unearthed cultural relics, although the time of modern clothing is only a few decades, it belongs to cultural relics to be protected [3] . We should pay attention to clothing closely related to people's lives, which has both technology and art. In the long run, its clothing preservation still has a great value [4] . From the time background, the modern clothing under the historical background of blending between different cultures height on dramatic shift, along with the invention of the modern western influence into culture [6], the research of this period costume color can reflect the particular social economy, social customs, and other factors. It also reflects Bangladeshi unique aesthetic Abstract The representation of traditional color in costumes is a unique phenomenon of cultural revival in Bangladesh. In order to explore the study context, seven colors were revealed as Bangladeshi traditional costume colors, namely-red, white, green, yellow, and orange, reddish-orange (rO), and orange-yellow (OY) from the theoretical concepts. Through the analytical method from the survey data, it was disclosed that the Bangladeshi traditional costume colors have a strong correlation and factor loading. Among all the mentioned colors, the main traditional costume colors were obtained from the color preference of different professional groups who participated in the survey process. Besides, the obtained main traditional costume colors have significant value and a strong impact on reviving the costume tradition in the modern-era that encourages further depth study.
doi:10.33552/jtsft.2021.08.000679 fatcat:z7qkvzzjyfgexnccwtbpshnzci