Sparcle: an evolutionary processor design for large-scale multiprocessors

A. Agarwal, J. Kubiatowicz, D. Kranz, B.H. Lim, D. Yeung, G. D'Souza, M. Parkin
1993 IEEE Micro  
Sparcle is a processor chip developed jointly by MIT, LSI Logic, and SUN Microsystems, by e v olving an existing RISC architecture towards a processor suited for large-scale multiprocessors. Sparcle supports three multiprocessor mechanisms: fast context switching, fast, user-level message handling, and ne-grain synchronization. The Sparcle eort demonstrates that RISC architectures coupled with a communications and memory management unit do not require major architectural changes to support multiprocessing eciently.
doi:10.1109/40.216748 fatcat:5f63o6sgj5aadbi4wkibrmdcli