Do Not Disturb/Please Clean Room: The Invisible Work and Real Pain of Hotel Housekeepers in the GTA [post]

Sirena Liladrie
2021 unpublished
The hotel industry in the GTA is dependent on cheap, racialized and gendered work; the result has been significant poor health outcomes for immigrant women of colour who are over represented in this industry. This paper explores the larger structural processes intensified by neoliberal globalism that leads to the racialized segregated labour of immigrant women of colour working as hotel housekeepers. This will begin by critically analyzing the organization of the economy and the "global city"
more » ... rough a feminist political economy approach and by linking the downward trajectory in immigrant health to the Health Immigrant Effect and gaps in the Population Health Approach. This will be highlighted by personal narratives from immigrant women of colour currently working as housekeepers in the GTA, who have shared their stories and how they are actively contesting and negotiating with their spaces of precarious employment to promote and increase health and well being at work, in their homes and within their communities.
doi:10.32920/ryerson.14647119.v1 fatcat:kdnoxxf5orewvnvzobziu64j5e