Use of a Novel Peptide Welding Technology Platform for the Development of B- and T-Cell Epitope-Based Vaccines

Francesco Nicoli, Salvatore Pacifico, Eleonora Gallerani, Erika Marzola, Valentina Albanese, Valentina Finessi, Sian Llewellyn-Lacey, David A. Price, Victor Appay, Peggy Marconi, Remo Guerrini, Antonella Caputo (+1 others)
2021 Vaccines  
Peptide vaccines incorporating B- and T-cell epitopes have shown promise in the context of various cancers and infections. These vaccines are relatively simple to manufacture, but more immunogenic formulations are considered a priority. We developed tetrabranched derivatives for this purpose based on a novel peptide welding technology (PWT). PWTs provide molecular scaffolds for the efficient synthesis of ultrapure peptide dendrimers, which allow the delivery of multiple ligands within a single
more » ... ds within a single macromolecular structure. Peptide vaccines incorporating T-cell epitopes derived from melanoma and B-cell epitopes derived from human immunodeficiency virus, synthesized using this approach, elicited primary immune responses in vitro and in vivo. Subcutaneous administration of the B-cell epitope-based vaccines also elicited more potent humoral responses than subcutaneous administration of the corresponding peptides alone. Highly immunogenic peptide epitope-based vaccines can therefore be generated quickly and easily using a novel PWT.
doi:10.3390/vaccines9050526 pmid:34069535 fatcat:j6ybgv7hqbexljbtgwx24q2s5q