Museum Catalogue Collaboration (Budapest, Hungary, 2017) [article]

Carlo Rindi Nuzzolo
The present Catalogue of Wooden Figures is the first of a series of online catalogues aimed at presenting the corpus of wooden, stone and bronze sculptures kept in the Collection of Egyptian Antiquities of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. Although scholarly research has been continuously carried out on the highlights of the collection since the 1940s, and results have been regularly published in the Bulletin du Musée Hongrois des Beaux-Arts, and recently in Egyptian Artefacts of the Museum of
more » ... ts of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest (2013), a comprehensive study has not yet been completed on the subject. Along with launching this online series, the Department of Egyptian Antiquities intends to create an open-access, easily searchable database of the catalogued object groups. In addition to the basic data of the objects (inv. no., photo, object name, measures, material and condition, description, classification/function, date, origin, provenance, bibliography, analogies/parallels), a short description (using keywords) and the full bibliography of the objects are also included. Furthermore, the objects are classified according to their most probable original context in which they had been used in Antiquity (Classification/Function). Each catalogue item is supplemented with a list of analogies/parallels found in printed publications or on various websites of Egyptian collections.The collaboration with Dr. Éva Liptay, the author of the catalogue, started in 2012 and in particular I studied the collection of Osiris and Ptah-Sokar-Osiris figures, sharing the outcomes with the Museum. Project
doi:10.26180/5c8b124ec65d6 fatcat:gpbgndsqfvemfbcnhx6crr2gpe