Poetry and Prose on the Pages of Journal "Siberian Student" as a Reflection of the Worldview, Value Orientations and Aspirations of the Siberian Youth in the Early Twentieth Century

2017 Asian Journal of Social and Human Sciences  
In this article the analysis of poetry and prose published in the popular student magazine "Siberian student", published from 1914 to 1916. On the basis of the implemented study, an attempt was made to determine the prevailing attitudes, values, moods, and aspirations of Siberian youth in the early twentieth century. Identifies the main topics addressed in published poetry and prose. Among the most common, the following thematic areas: -description of the phenomena and beauty of Siberian
more » ... -celebration of love to the representative (the representative) of the opposite sex; -reflecting other feelings and emotional States, including passion, excitement, joy, happiness, etc.; -praise certain virtues and human qualities, including bravery, courage, honesty, spiritual purity and freedom; -a description of domestic life, environment, everyday relationships with family and friends on behalf of the heroes of works of art; -an expression of nostalgic feelings and moods: including longing for home, abandoned at the time of study family and friends;the theme of the First world war, the description of the heroism and courage of the survivors of the ordeal at this time; -storytelling about everyday life of ordinary students; -clothed in a literary form of direct or indirect appeals to the ideological integration of young people in the struggle for their rights. Determined that the various thematic units are often intertwined in the same works. In a substantial part of published stories and poems cover subjects along with a description of the nature of the native land, the chanting of certain human virtues and qualities. Found that the "Siberian student" published in the creativity not only of the Tomsk students, but already famous and popular by the time of writers and poets. However, the big reader's interest and approval published in the Siberian student press works, allowed us to conclude that the literary material, regardless of authorship, in General, reflect the mindset and worldview of the Siberian youth in the early twentieth century.
doi:10.13187/ajshs.2017.2.3 fatcat:4tikvp2qlbdwtgpqvsd2dqihwm