Research on Pump Inspection Cycle Early Warning Method Based on Big Data

Du Lihong, Liu Yufang, Cao Fei, Li Fang, Min Guizhi, Liu Zhongbo, Xia Zhixue, Zhang Zhanmin, L. Duan, A.Z. Abdullah
2021 E3S Web of Conferences  
At present, the existing indicator diagram can only be used for expost judgment and can not give early warning, and the influencing factors of pump inspection period are nonlinear, multi constrained and multi variable. In this paper, big data machine learning method is used to carry out relevant research. Firstly, around the influencing factors of pump inspection cycle, relevant data are collected and the evaluation index of pump inspection cycle is designed. Then, based on feature engineering
more » ... echnology, the production parameters of oil wells in different pump inspection periods are calculated to form the analysis sample set of pump inspection period. Finally, the early warning model of pump inspection period is established by using machine learning technology. The experimental results show that: the pump inspection cycle early warning model established by stochastic forest algorithm can identify the pump inspection status of single well, and the accuracy rate is about 85%.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202124502026 fatcat:qm5jlzgy7vdetbblhrtzthjdny