Systematic revision and evolution of the Tithonian family Chitinoidellidae Trejo, 1975

Mohamed Benzaggagh
2021 Carnets de Géologie  
Several new genera and species of the family Chitinoidellidae Trejo, 1975, were erected by Pop (1997, 1998a, 1998b). Some of these taxa are justified, but others are inadequately defined, and require revision. I discuss herein the non-validity of some taxa and propose a new systematic classification and an evolutionary framework for the family Chitinoidellidae, with two subfamilies: 1) Dobeninae, which include small-sized chitinoidellids, with the genera Borziella Pop, 1997, Carpathella Pop,
more » ... 8a, Daciella Pop, 1998a (amended), Dobenilla n. gen., and Popiella Reháková, 2002, and 2) Bonetinae, which includes larger-sized chitinoidellids, with the genera Bermudeziella n. gen., Bonetilla n. gen., and Furrazolaia n. gen.. These two families are separated in time. Small species of the subfamily Dobeninae characterise the Dobeni Subzone (Ponti ammonite Zone) and disappear immediately before the occurrence of the larger specimens of the subfamily Bonetinae, which characterise the Boneti Subzone (Microcanthum p.p. ammonite Zone).
doi:10.2110/carnets.2021.2102 fatcat:ixxe6z53and77okgagyr4p62mq