Investigation of the effect of probiotics and potentiated probiotics on productivity of laying hens

S. Mátéová, M. Gaálová, J. Šály, M. Fialkovičová
2009 Czech Journal of Animal Science  
Probiotic bacteria are used to balance a disturbed intestinal microflora and dysfunctions of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). They could be an effective alternative to the use of synthetic substances in nutrition and medicine. We investigated the effect of probiotics and potentiated probiotics on the productivity of laying hens. An experiment was carried out on 30 hens of the Hyssex layer hybrid starting from week 30 of laying. The hens were divided into three groups, 10 hens in each (K –
more » ... ol group, L – hens supplemented with probiotics and L + E – hens fed probiotics potentiated with essential oils). No statistically significant differences among the groups were observed in the quality of eggs. Biochemical determination of yolk cholesterol showed an insignificant difference after 25 days of feeding the probiotics. By day 50 of the experiment, yolk cholesterol decreased significantly (<I>P</i> < 0.05) in group L + E and insignificantly in group L of layers. Biochemical examination of blood serum detected an insignificant decrease in the activity of ALT, serum cholesterol and total lipids. Our results allowed us to conclude that probiotics and potentiated probiotics favourably affected the investigated hens and their products.
doi:10.17221/1735-cjas fatcat:t25ptyylhvhxjajgbavlbtmsrq