Emerging clues for regenerative medicine in infertility: an overview for cell sources and results with a sensitizing modifier PRMT5

Jiayi Duan, Qi Li, Ziwei Li
2017 AME Medical Journal  
Germ cells are the most important cell type for generation continuation in all sexually reproductive species. Pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) are important cell resources for disease modeling and tissue-specific differentiation in regenerative medicine. Ground-state naïve PSCs share similar transcriptional and epigenetic features with primordial germ cells (PGCs) and PGC like cells can be derived from PSCs in mice. As a critical regulator in PSCs and PGCs, PRMT5 has a versatile role in regulating
more » ... cell function both in pluripotency and early germline. This review discusses current progress from mammalian PSCs to germ cell differentiation and PRMT5's important role in PSCs and PGCs, which will help future research and clinical investigation.
doi:10.21037/amj.2017.05.16 fatcat:amildshzxrgntmkwctlqqujxce