Co-Published By: Human Resource Management Academic Research Society 748 SURVEILLANCE ARCHITECTURE: THE WIRELESS MESH NETWORK APPROACH

Ogunyinka, J Soyemi, O Soyemi
The state of security in the country had been created a lot of panic in many areas to the extent that individuals now send a lot to protect their lives and properties. This state had not justified to a large extent the huge amount the government had spent, presently spending and had budgeted to spend in the present year on providing adequate security for her citizenry. Even at the state level we hear and see several donations running into millions of naira made by state governors to the police
more » ... orce just to increase the level of security in the state. However, all these had been geared towards improving the physical capability of the police force and other security agents rather than improving the technological infrastructure through the use of Information Technology to create a nationwide video-surveillance security system. A Security Surveillance Architecture will be proposed in this paper, and it is believed that it will go a long way in alleviating the security problems of our nation.