Are Professional Burnout and Work Engagement Opposing or Independent Constructs?

Bohdan Rożnowski
2021 Roczniki Psychologiczne  
The aim of the article is to broaden the knowledge about the mutual relationship between work engagement and professional burnout. In the psychological literature, a lively discussion between the position that these are opposite poles of one dimension and the position that both dimensions are independent has not yet been clearly concluded. The article focuses on the analysis of the causes of both phenomena. It was assumed that one-dimensionality means that the same elements of the work
more » ... f the work situation affect each of the states but in an opposite way. The research was conducted using standardized questionnaires (AWLS, LBQ, and UWES) on a group of 128 teachers from different types of schools. Statistical analyses relying on regression analysis indicated different sources of each phenomenon, which supports the position of independence of both constructs.
doi:10.18290/rpsych20233-6 fatcat:g2aotd3fw5e2thkx4lxmnkx6gi