Sędziwi ojcowie – Laertes i Priam w epopejach Homera

Alicja Stępniewska
2011 Vox Patrum  
Subject of the article are experience and sufferings two fathers – Laertes, King of Ithaca and Priam, King of Troy. They both had that experience in its old age, but in differ­ent dimension. Son of the first of fathers – Odys has disappeared without tidings, but he came back to Ithaca after twenty years of wandering, to the great joy of longing father. The son of the second of fathers – Hector was killed in a duel with Achilles. The aged Priam in difficult conversation with his son's killer is
more » ... eminding Achilles the suffering of his aged father Peleus, who is living in loneliness, to break heart of Achilles. Due to well-aimed arguments, particularly adduction for the feckless old age of the father, aged Priam reaches intentional point – gets corpse of his son back.
doi:10.31743/vp.4208 fatcat:ltgmemrk3bey3fpo3mprxe673a