A Recursive Deconvolution Approach to Disturbance Reduction

F. Fagnani, V. Maksimov, L. Pandolfi
2004 IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control  
Active noise control (ANC) uses an estimate of the noise affecting a system in order to remove its effect from the output. In some applications, it is possible to directly measure the noise and a feedforward compensator can be used. Other applications require instead that the noise be estimated from its effect on the system. This results in an adaptive feedback ANC, see a previous paper by Gan and Kuo. The identification of the disturbance from the output of the linear system is a deconvolution
more » ... problem. In this paper, we study a deconvolution technique for the active reduction of the influence of the disturbance on the output of a linear control system. The regulator that we present does not affect the behavior of the system in the absence of disturbances.
doi:10.1109/tac.2004.829596 fatcat:ydbctz3advdwbafjglesathmym