Towards the Lexicographic Description of the Grammatical Behaviour of Japanese Loanwords: A Case Study

Toshinobu MOGI
2012 Acta Linguistica Asiatica  
The present papers offers a case study of a Japanese loanword verb, with the aim of contributing to corpus-based research on Japanese loanwords and of providing a foundation for the compilation of a dictionary of grammatical patterns of loanwords for learners of Japanese as a foreign language. The case study presents an analysis of actual usage of loanword suru-verbs in the large-scale Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese, which is followed by a detailed analysis of all examples of
more » ... he polysemous verb katto-suru. It is thereby shown how corpora can help in describing loanwords by matching a word's meaning with its patterns of usage, and how such a description can be useful to learners of Japanese as a foreign language.
doi:10.4312/ala.2.2.21-34 fatcat:oemd4mq2mnezxnbwo7ums6yeo4