Molecular Computation by DNA Hairpin Formation

K. Sakamoto
2000 Science  
41. The infrared reflectance measurements were conducted using a Bruker IFS-66v interferometer with attached microscope; the apparatus was equipped with a globar source, KBr beamsplitter and liquid-nitrogen cooled mid-range MCT (mercury-cadmium-telluride) detector. Spectra are reported with a resolution of 4 cm -1 and were collected from spot sizes ranging between 40 and 90 m in diameter; typical collection times were 3 to 10 min. Spectra reported are representative examples taken from zones of differing chemistries within the thin sections.
doi:10.1126/science.288.5469.1223 pmid:10817993 fatcat:o4dz4sf35ndc3jnnzh4ekvjtzu