Investigation of occurrence factors on brucellosis-outbreak farm in Korea
소 브루셀라병 동시 다두 발생 농장의 발생 요인 조사

Ji-Yeon Kim, Shin-Seok Kang, Moon Her, Kichan Lee, So-Ra Sung, Jung-Hui Gu, Sung-Il Kang, Hyang-Keun Lee, Yu-Jin Kim, Dong-Gil Kim, Suk-Chan Jung
2012 Korean Journal of Veterinary Service  
From the end of July 2012, several cases of abortion have been happened at the Korean indigenous cattle farm with 124 heads in Chungbuk province, Korea. Serological tests such as Rose-bengal test (RBT) and standard tube agglutination test (STAT) have been performed according to the standard official protocols of bovine brucellosis and 41 cattle turned out to be brucellosis-positive simultaneously. To find out the main factors of brucellosis outbreaks and spreads, additional serological,
more » ... cal and molecular investigation were applied. Totally, 11 B. abortus were isolated from 10 cattle's specimens including lymph-nodes and/or testis, and drinking water in cowhouse. In genotyping by multi-locus VNTR assay (MLVA) using 17 loci markers, the present B. abortus isolates were shown all the same pattern, D1 genotype, which has been reported in Gyeonggi and Gangwon province, Korea. These results suggest that the input of brucellosis might come from neighboring farms directly or indirectly, even if by unknown factor and expansion within farm would accelerate by materials related with aborting cows.
doi:10.7853/kjvs.2012.35.4.263 fatcat:7t2w5b4rq5d7jjewvk4mjtdvii