Real-time detection of the early event of cytotoxicity of herbal ingredients on single leukemia cells studied in a microfluidic biochip

XiuJun Li, Xiaoyan Xue, Paul C. H. Li
2009 Integrative Biology  
A microfluidic approach has been developed for the real-time detection of drug effects, based on the quantitative measurement of calibrated cytosolic calcium ([Ca 2+ ] i ) on single cancer cells. This microfluidic method is rapid by detecting the early event of cytotoxicity of drug candidates on cancer cells, without waiting for a couple of days needed for cell seeding and drug treatment by conventional assays. The miniaturized biochip consists of a V-shaped structure for the single-cell
more » ... single-cell selection and retention. Various test reagents such as the chemotherapy drug (daunorubicin), an ionophore (ionomycin), and herbal ingredients from licorice (isoliquiritigenin or IQ) were investigated for their abilities to stimulate sustained cellular [Ca 2+ ] i elevations. The microfluidic results obtained in hours have been confirmed by conventional cytotoxicity assays which take days to complete. Moreover, any color or chemical interference problems found in the conventional assays of herbal compounds could be resolved. Using the microfluidic approach, IQ (50 mM) has been found to cause a sustained [Ca 2+ ] i elevation and cytotoxic effects on leukemia cells. The microfluidic single-cell analysis not only reduces reagent cost, and demands less cells, but also reveals some phenomena due to cellular heterogeneity that cannot be observed in bulk analysis. 90 | Integr. Biol., 2009, 1, 90-98 This journal is
doi:10.1039/b812987h pmid:20023795 fatcat:qfkkynp3uvhstmzv3f5kvvvoay