DOPE–oleic acid–Ca2+ as DNA condensing agent

D. Galliková, G. Liskayová, A. Búcsi, L. Hubčík, J.C. Martínez, D. Uhríková
2018 European Pharmaceutical Journal  
Phospholipid-based non-viral carriers composed of neutral phospholipid dioleoylphosphatidylethanolamine (DOPE) and the binary mixture DOPE–oleic acid (OA) are examined as potential DNA delivery vectors. The process of DNA condensation in the presence of Ca2+ ions has been monitored through changes in emmision intensity of fluorescent probe ethidium bromide. The decline in fluorescence intensity with increasing Ca2+ concentration at two different time intervals was correlated with the binding
more » ... acity of complexes and possible release of DNA from the complex. The microstructure of DOPE–OA mixtures at different OA/DOPE molar ratios and that of DOPE–OA–DNA–Ca2+ complexes were determined using synchrotron small angle X-ray diffraction (SAXD). We identified inverted hexagonal phase HII as the dominant structure. OA affects the lattice parameter of HII formed by DOPE. With the increasing OA/DOPE molar ratio, the lattice parameter decreases, which results in significantly lower fraction of DNA bound to the OA-enriched complexes.
doi:10.2478/afpuc-2018-0001 fatcat:ci3npdv7yrdx3b6zcjd3mgqg7m