Geochemical Characterization of Coal Bearing Bara Formation at Lakhra Anticline, Jamshoro, Sindh

Daahar Hakro, A Khokhar, A Mastoi, A Shaikh, S Samoon
2013 Int. j. econ. environ. geol   unpublished
Bara formation is rich in coal resources at lakhra coalfield and it is well exposed in the core of lakhra anticline. Major elements of twenty four samples of Bara formation at two sections of lakhra anticline were analyzed through X-ray fluorescence. The investigation of major elements ratio (Si, Ti, Al, Na, Ca, K, Mn, Mg, Fe+3, P & S), and their correlation coefficient (r2) show the Bara formation is formed of silica sand particles of terrigenous origin, the particles were deposited in 'near
more » ... ore to deltaic environmental conditions'. The deposition of sediments took place at a fast rate. The source of sediments was not far away and its close proximity is established by the less maturity of sediments. The prevailing humid climatic conditions might have allowed extensive vegetation, which generate possible organic source material for coal of lakhra coalfield. High organic content and high accumulation rate are potential causes of occurrence of sulfur in sediments, samples.