Electrostatic analogy for surfactant assemblies

David Wu, David Chandler, Berend Smit
1992 The Journal of Physical Chemistry  
We develop a concept of frustrating charges to create a theory of self-assembly. In particular, we note that the constraints of stoichiometry frustrate ordinary phase equilibria and lead to self-assembly of systems such as oil-water-surfactant mixtures. Further we note that at long wavelengths, the constraints of stoichiometry are isomorphic to the constraints of charge neutrality in a specific electrostatic analogy. We expand upon this analogy, first noted by Stillinger, and show that it can
more » ... show that it can be used to derive useful analytical estimates. In addition we use the analogy to create a new model for frustrated systems, and we present Monte Carlo results for this charge frustrated Ising system that exhibits varied behaviors of self-assembly. The Monte Carlo calculations are made possible through the development of an algorithm which permits cluster moves.
doi:10.1021/j100189a030 fatcat:ukfjeqovvnandd5dk465pjrlm4