No.55 木質の水蒸気ガス化に及ぼすカルシウムおよび鉄触媒の効果(ガス化)
Effect of iron and calcium catalysts on steam gasification of wood

Kenji MURAKAMI, Masahiko SATO, Takahiro KATO, Katsuyasu SUGAWARA
2010 Proceedings of Conference on Coal Science  
SYNOPSIS The i面 uence of the iron and calcium catalysts on the gas evolution behavior in the steam gasification up to 900°C of the Japanese cedar ( Sugi ) was examined in this study . Hydrogen began to evolve fヒom about 700°C , and the maximum rate of hydrogen evolution was reached at 900°C for the Sugi Without catalyst. By the addition of iron catalyst, the hy(irogen evolution peak shifted to the lower temperature and the amount of hydrogen evolution increased . In the temperature range
more » ... 600 and 900°C, the hydrogen evolution profiles were similar to the CO2 evolution profiles . The comparison between the results of stearn gas 愉 cation and pyrolysis suggests that the iron catalysts enhance 血 e 丘xation of carbon into the char during pyrolysis 飢 d the convcrsion of the 丘xed carbon into CO2 to form hydrogen during steam gasification . It was also shown that the caicium catalysts had the effect of the promotion of hydrogen evolution at the lower temperature . 1 . 緒 言
doi:10.20550/jiesekitanronbun.47.0_110 fatcat:swaxou7h2jarfi5fcnzz4eg23q