The History and Kyosei Practice of The Caodaist Missionary Church

2012 Kyosei kagaku  
This study considers about a religious sect of Caodaism, the Caodaist Missionary Church (Hoi Thanh Truyen Giao Cao Dai). The history of this sect can be divide into 4 periods. Through the history of The Caodaist Missionary Church, this sect has followed his own independent way. Under the oppression of Viet Minh order (1945)(1946)(1947)(1948)(1949)(1950)(1951)(1952)(1953)(1954), the development of this sect was bought at the great cost of the believer. Faced with difficulties, the sect has kept
more » ... is belief and social services. Now the Caodaist Missionary Church is canalizing his energies into charity works. Especially the boys and girls of this sect can get support for the education as well as the boy scout in training a moralistic religious subject. This religious enlightenment through the education and social welfare activities is worthy of an appraisal from the view point of a Kyosei practice.
doi:10.32137/kyosei.3.3_75 fatcat:l2o5343f4rgzpeh7tkktsd4ouu