Designing Freier Vortrag Lectures by 21st Century Skills

2022 Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice  
This research aims to describe the implementation of the Freier Vortrag course as a course that trains students' abilities to present certain ideas systematically based on the results of critical thinking. The data obtained is the behavior shown by students during lectures, when presenting their work. The results of data analysis show that (a) students still experience difficulties, especially at the level of using the German language in presenting the results of their studies, and (b) students
more » ... have not been able to think critically in the form of identifying problems, analyzing and processing data to solve problems, (c) students have not had the freedom to determine presentation topics according to their interests, (d) assessments of students have encouraged the need for the application of metacognitive strategies but are not trained during process takes place. The results of this study are used as the basis for improving and developing teaching materials for Freier Vortrag courses to improve oral language skills as well as critical thinking skills as part of 21 stcentury skills.
doi:10.33423/jhetp.v22i8.5311 fatcat:he254du7czdofgkzbs3udtd5au