Charles NDHLOVU, Theology at the Pontifical University of Salesianum in Rome, Mzuzu, MALAWI
2021 Icoana Credintei  
God's communication in history finds fulfilment in Jesus Christ. The refusal of God's self-communication diminishes the right use of freedom and in the final analysis, the person becomes what he should not become. This is what actually happened to Adam and Eve after eating the forbidden fruit – and we have all inherited that defect – that potency to sin. This situation can be compared to that of hereditary defect in which a defect is passed on from one person to the other. In this case, we can
more » ... this case, we can analogously say that all the descendants of Adam have inherited the possibility that we could abuse freedom – by choosing wrong things and this abuse of freedom was redeemed by Jesus Christ.
doi:10.26520/icoana.2021.13.7.19-23 fatcat:oxja2umuqnhlbagopizw3oesle