Application of Podlasy technology in the teaching and educational process of the rural school

Danna Naurzalina
2015 unpublished
According to scientists and methodologists, technologies in the teacher's work very soon will affect on 80% of success, and individual excellence on 20%. Therefore, the actual problem is the task of mastering by teachers of comprehensive schools promising pedagogical technologies offered by pedagogical science and progressive pedagogical practice. The purpose of the experimental research is application Podlasy productive technology usage in teaching and educational process of the rural
more » ... the rural comprehensive school. Methods of research are analysis of psycho-pedagogical, social, philosophical and methodological literature on the experiment's problem compilation of the best pedagogical experience analysis and study of school and pedagogical documentation, a number of special techniques: methods of pupils' personality's studying, determining the level of needmotivational, cognitive and intellectual sphere, the sphere of interpersonal relationships, questionnaires, tests, etc. Podlasy productive pedagogical technology is an effective way of providing quality's training's for all pupils in any school subjects. A team of teachers and experimenters accumulated and enriched unique experience combination of several advanced educational technologies' interrelated elements in a single integrated system of education aimed at 142 achieving of best outcomes. Using of learning productive technology revealed improvement in the quality of pupils' knowledge on the 5-7% overall and there is a tendency of final point's increasing of the external certification -United national testing
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2015.08.14 fatcat:wbiwbfuiezc4rnh4tlqgkoyv2m