The Challenge Of Asylum To The European Union's Policy In A Knowledge Based Society

Anca Dinicu
2015 International conference KNOWLEDGE-BASED ORGANIZATION  
Migration is not a new phenomenon. People have been forced or tempted to leave their homes since ancient times, due to the economic (lack of resources, type of property, level of national economy development, better careers, famine), social (family reunification, social justice, poverty), political (oppression, war, ideology) or environmental (flooding, drought) problems. If for some, migrating is a quest of improving an already good living, for many others, it is a quest of survival. On this
more » ... cond aspect the paper intends to focus on, especially by relating the issue with the pressure created not only upon some European countries, but also upon the European Union as a political international actor. It seems that migration reveals a whole spectrum of vulnerabilities concerning the European Union internal security, including lack of sane regulation, which if not tackled properly can easily create disorder and endanger regional security. One thing is for sure – tackling migration and asylum problems should be structured on solidarity and responsibility, both at national and European levels.
doi:10.1515/kbo-2015-0004 fatcat:fpnsnjzxyrh4nlsh26m3z2ifhu