Robert Miller
This session will consist o f three invited papers plus floor discussion. The emphasis of the papers is change. The old.way o f teaching business statistics has failed t o provide the majority of students with tools they can apply t o the practical problems of business administration. New ways of teaching are beginning t o be tried. The papers b y Roberts and Mortensen r e p o r t "revolutions i n progress" a t major centers f o r educating business s t u-dents, one i n the Denmark and one i n
more » ... he United States. These revolutions are attempting t o teach practical tools i n as realistic a context as possible. How is this done i n the school of business admini-stration? One way it is done is t o have students collect their own data f o r analysis. Another way is t o base examples on data and methods actually used i n business practice. The paper b y Miller shows how the insurance business can be used t o provide cases that range from the v e r y simple t o the awesomely complex. The paper also advocated use of complex studies as a better teaching tool than t h e "sanitized" cases presented i n typical textbooks. The goals of this session are I. t o assess the damage done b y the old way of teaching business statistics ; 2. t o outline some new methods of teaching; 3. t o assess the gains achieved so f a r with the new approaches; 4. t o point out directions f o r f u r t h e r improvement. This session will be vital f o r those engaged i n teaching business statistics. It will be useful t o anyone looking f o r sources of realistic and interesting case material. ICOTS 2, 1986: Robert B. Miller