A dynamically reconfigurable system based on workflow and service agents

Jian Cao, Jie Wang, Shensheng Zhang, Minglu Li
2004 Engineering applications of artificial intelligence  
Most mission critical software systems are being built by integrating multiple distributed components. A software service, which is self-described and managed, and can be discovered and invoked dynamically through the Internet, provides a new paradigm for the composition of software systems. As a consequence, services and service-oriented software architecture will play fundamental roles in autonomic computing, which promotes the concept of self-management for software systems. To support
more » ... anaged and service-based software systems, a critical issue is how to deal with the service-oriented architecture to support dynamically reconfiguration. A service-based dynamically reconfigurable system framework for supporting future self-managed software systems was proposed in the paper. In the framework, a service agent represents an intelligent service broker that offers a self-managed and integrated service to respond to the requests from the environment adaptively. A workflow engine in this framework coordinates these service agents to implement particular business functions. The structure of the service agent, including its plan model, the relevant reconfiguration method and a service optimization mechanism, were discussed in the paper. A case study and an implementation were also presented. r
doi:10.1016/j.engappai.2004.08.030 fatcat:pfdnlfwd65dvrijjrhdjpmftlm