Shear Design of Concrete Belt Walls Reinforced with Post-Tensioning Bars
PS강선으로 보강한 콘크리트 벨트월의 전단설계

Tae-Sung Eom, Ju-Yeon Kim, Ji-Young Kim, Jae-Yo Kim, Dae-Young Kim
2013 Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation  
In the present study, shear design methods for concrete belt walls reinforced with pre-stressing steel bars (PS belt walls) were developed. For diagonally reinforced PS belt walls, a strut-and-tie model based on strain-compatibility was proposed to evaluate the shear strength and maximum deformation. For vertically and horizontally reinforced PS belt walls, on the other hand, shear strengths and deformations at concrete cracking and ultimate state were evaluated based on the Compression Field
more » ... eory. Design examples for PS belt walls were illustrated and the aspects of the load-transfer and design considerations were discussed. The results showed that diagonally reinforced PS belt walls exhibited brittle shear failure due to concrete crushing before yielding of PS bars. In addition, since the concrete strut rather than PS bars carries significant shear, attention should be paid on the detailing of the nodal zone. On the other hand, vertically and horizontally reinforced PS belt walls failed due to the yielding of PS bars before concrete crushing. However, the number of PS bars for shear design was increased and the reduction in the stiffness after shear cracking was significant.
doi:10.9798/kosham.2013.13.1.031 fatcat:ofrxxykazfg5pf6akhezaxigxa