What Values for Europe? The Ten Commandments

Michael Emerson
The Ten Commandments of the European Union 1. Thou shalt be truly democratic and respectful of human rights and the rule of law. 2. Thou shalt guarantee the four freedoms of movement (goods, services, capital, labour). 3. Thou shalt provide for social cohesion between people, regions and states. 4. Thou shalt ensure sustainable economic development for the benefit of future generations. 5. Thou shalt reject nationalism and favour the multiple identity of citizens. 6. Thou shalt assure
more » ... lt assure federative multi-tier governance. 7. Thou shalt assure secular governance and favour multi-cultural pluralism in society. 8. Thou shalt promote multilateral order in international affairs. 9. Thou shalt abstain from threatening or using force against others without just cause. 10. Thou shalt be open, inclusive and integrative towards neighbours that adhere to the above.