Status of global energy confinement studies

S. M. Kaye, Cris W. Barnes, M. G. Bell, J. C. DeBoo, M. Greenwald, K. Riedel, D. Sigmar, N. Uckan, R. Waltz
1990 Physics of Fluids B Plasma Physics  
Empirical scaling expressions, reflecting the parametric dependence of the L-mode energy confinement time, have been used not only as benchmarks for tokamak o: eration and theories of energy transport, but for predicting the performance of prop ed tokamak devices. Several scaling expressions based on data from small-and mediumsized devices have done well in predicting performance in larger devices, although great uncertainty exists in extrapolating yet farther, into the ignition regime. Several
more » ... approaches exist for developing higher confidence scaling expressions. These include reducing the statistical uncertainty by identifying and filling in gaps in the present database, making use of more sophisticated statistical techniques, and developing scalings for confinement regimes within which future devices will operate. Confidence in the scaling expressions will be increased still if the expressions can be more directly tied to transport physics theory. This can be done through the use of dimcnsionless parameters, better describing the edge and core confinement regimes separately, and by incorporating transport models directly into the scaling expressions.
doi:10.1063/1.859578 fatcat:xdu4q5rd7zgi7fy4k5fdivjoru