Potentials of Biogas and Bioslurry Utilization and Subsidy Incentives Policy Recomendation in Indonesia

Richard EMF Osak, B Hartono, Z Fananai, H D Utami
2016 Proceedings of International Seminar on Livestock Production and Veterinary Technology   unpublished
One of several way reducing greenhouse gases by environmentally friendly development schemes is integrated farming system especially integration of livestock and horticulture. The aimed of this study was to describes the potential of biogas and bioslurry utilization and to provide policy recomendation of them. The research was conducted as a case study in Nongkojajar, East Jawa used the survey method to the sample farmers have dairy cow, horticultural crops, forage plants, and has a biogas
more » ... or installation. The potensials utilization are the contribution in farming system revenue both of biogas and bioslurry are 2.17 and 3.46%. Average biogas production each dairy farmer household about 620.41 m 3 /year equivalent to 285.39 kg/year liquid petroleum gas (LPG). And by used of biogas amount 100,80 kg/year each household, the government can save IDR 589,664/year each household. Utilized bioslurry sale value about IDR 8,685,737.70/year/household can give profit to farmer about IDR 1,737,147.54/year/household. Policy recomendation for the development of rural biogas and bioslurry utilization is the grant of incentives to household users to increase the use of biogas and bioslurry, in order to reduce fuels utilization, to reduce environmental impact of livestock farming, and in order Indonesian commitment to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
doi:10.14334/proc.intsem.lpvt-2016-p.213-221 fatcat:juch6cfnl5awtiarwmv2zmuiiy