Analysis of the Relationship Between Turning Signal Detection and Motorcycle Driver's Characteristics on Urban Roads. A Case Study [post]

Alfonso Micucci, Luca Mantecchini, Maurizio Sangermano
2019 unpublished
The relationships among the potential causes of a car and motorcycle collision involving turn maneuvers as well as the perception of rear and front turn signal (on/off) configuration is examined in this paper. The investigation has been based on data pooled from the answers of a survey proposed to 136 people, with special regards to the correct detection of indicators aspect. Experimental videos have been realized during the tests campaign, both in urban and suburban areas, using a 360-camera
more » ... sing a 360-camera attached to a motorcyclist's helmet, reproducing vehicular conflicts able to potentially generate crash risks. The detection of the blinker was combined with other factors (e.g. age, gender, location of the test site, presence of the car behind tester vehicles and if the bikers are also habitual car or bike drivers) in a stepwise logistic regression that modelled the odds of detecting the turn signal turned on as a function of all of these factors. The results suggest the existence of a connection between the detection of the turn signal aspect and some of the variables considered (e.g. age, being a cyclist or a car driver and the presence of a protecting car).
doi:10.20944/preprints201903.0070.v1 fatcat:xmwixpk7zbgvhenn4d3soe2fiy