A novel chemical method for measuring ketone bodies in subclinical ketosis

H Gholampour, P Asadian, M Jahantigh
2012 Iranian Journal of Veterinary Medicine IJVM   unpublished
BACKGROUNDS: Subclinical ketosis can cause greater economic loss due to a lack of clinical symptoms. OBJECTIVES: The present study was aimed to design a chemical method for measuring serum ketone bodies in the affected subclinical cows. METHODS: Acetoacetate concentrations were measured using a nitroprusside reaction and β-hydroxy butyric acid (BHBA) which was oxidized to acetoacetate using nanosilver particles to determine its concentration. Recovery tests were done for different
more » ... erent concentrations of betahydroxy butyrate in bovine pooled serum. RESULTS: Actoacetate levels were in range of 0.1-6 mM, and the values for BHBA were found to be in the range of 0.125-3 mM. CONCLUSIONS: It was concluded that this technique can be considered as a simple method for measuring ketone bodies in biological fluids.